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An Immersive Tea Experience with Chakabuki: a workshop with Janice Chan

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, 578 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC, CA, V6B 5K2 +1 604-662-3207

An Immersive Tea Experience with Chakabuki (茶歌舞伎): a workshop with Janice Chan
Discover the rich world of Japanese green teas beyond the beloved matcha. Get to know some of the most common Japanese loose-leaf green teas through your senses then test your knowledge with Chakabuki – a popular blind tea guessing game! Enjoy tasting a variety of Japanese loose-leaf green teas in this is fun and interactive workshop.
Workshop Highlights:

  • Introduction to Japanese loose-leaf green teas and examine them through your senses: see, touch, smell & taste!
  • Learn the nuances of each tea, how to tell them apart and the best way to brew them.
  • Discover the origin of Chakabuki and challenge yourself in a blind tea tasting game!

Take advantage of this opportunity to taste and explore the beauty of Japanese green teas.
Janice Chan
Jan is the Global Japanese Tea Association representative for Western Canada, a devoted chado practitioner, and Teakan’s Japanese tea specialist. As a graduate of the Japanese Tea Master Course in Kyoto, her passion is to share her knowledge and help you build a solid foundation on Japanese tea and culture through our workshops and certified courses.
Committed to making tea an immersive experience, Jan loves bridging tradition and innovation. From traditional tea tastings to modern mixology, she strives to share the joys of tea and its rich culture, inspiring your senses on a unique tea journey.

Cost: 40